April 19, 2017

A guest blog from Making Music.


Been singing in the shower? Or alone in the car? Learning the guitar secretly in your bedroom with YouTube tutorials?

I bet you’re having great fun – but isn’t it time you bravely came out into the open and showed the world at large your inner musician?


Make Music Day on 21 June is the opportunity for everyone to do just that.


This is an international celebration in 120 countries and 750+ cities and it’s coming to the UK for the first time on a large scale in 2017.


We’ve a number of venues signed up to host performances by individual musicians, small bands, larger groups; venues from Cafe Nero to bandstands, music libraries to arts centres, stations to public squares; and we’re working on making those available all over the UK.


You can:

– Find out more and get inspired at www.makemusicday.org/uk


– Register yourself as a performer on http://matchuk.makemusicday.org/. Don’t worry if there isn’t a venue there yet: we will help find one locally to you, once we know you’re interested because you are registered


– Find an event near you: there will be performances, workshops, open rehearsals, taster sessions and other kinds of musical activity to join in with. All will be listed from May on www.makemusicday.org/uk – sign up to the newsletter, to be the first to know.