Music can do many things – it can make us relaxed and calm. It can make us day dream or even help up sleep. It can allow us to concentrate, lift our spirits or make us want to get up and dance! Music can inspire us to be creative and that’s what we’re inviting … Read more

  Breaking News… this is an important announcement to inform you of 64 Million Artsits’ Day 19 challenge! Get ready for lights, camera, action today with a challenge that will allow you to find your voice and share it with the world…   Report on your day as if you were a news presenter. Are … Read more

  Project Manager (Digital) – 64 Million Artists   64 Million Artists aims to unlock the power of creativity in everyone. We do that with individuals, and in partnership with communities, employers and organisations. We support the cultural sector to help others do that too. It is a hugely exciting time for us as we … Read more

  Today’s challenge requires a spark of imagination, a sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of fun. Set by intergenerational arts charity Magic Me, it is inspired by their Cocktails in Care Homes project. With a mission to bring people together through the arts – Magic Me throws cocktail parties in care homes across … Read more

  Go to extraordinary (or ordinary) places, meet fantastical (or everyday) people and travel on magical journeys with today’s challenge set by BBC Radio York. Grab the popcorn and your imagination (or bring yourself for a 64 Million Artists Story Telling session at York Explore Library from 11 am – 12:30 pm) for…   Share … Read more

  How often do you get to ask knock knock, who’s there? Or why did the chicken cross the road? If you struggle to find an opportunity then today’s your day. If you always find an opportunity then today’s also your day because guess what? Wednesday 16th August is National Tell A Joke Day! So … Read more

  When you were growing up (or if you are still growing up!) and were asked what you want to be when you grow up, did you ever say a spy? Yes? We thought so! And that’s why Edinburgh International Science Festival have set a secret agent challenge for you. The Science Festival aims to … Read more

  Here are a few facts to kick of today’s challenge…   Most people do not smile until 11.16 on Monday morning. Monday – the least rainy day of the week. Monday is the only day of the week that is an anagram of a single word: ‘dynamo’. The only film with Monday in its … Read more

  Paper can be made into so much more than the material we write on, that’s why this week the Goodwin Development Trust are challenging you to consider this…   Origam-U – what origami can U make?   Create an object in origami – whether you are a complete novice, or a secret paper expert, … Read more

  Are you a scary film enthusiast, a Monsters Ink fan or love signing the Monster Mash? Then Day 13 is the day for you. Halloween came early with today’s challenge…   Design and make a monster sculpture and name it. Use whatever you have in the house. Get creative with a toilet paper roll, … Read more

  We could send a text, make a call or send an email but for this challenge we are going back to basics because nothing beats the good old postcard. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home on your deck chair in the garden or having a walk in your local park, eating Cornish pasties … Read more

  Hey! Hello, Hi, Good to see you again. Today we are experimenting with ways in which we can greet each other. Those are a few ideas but this challenge involves taking your ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s to the next level. Get moving, get creative and…   Make up a five-part handshake together. Will you include … Read more

  A brilliant challenge today set by guests Family Arts Campaign – a national programme led by the arts sector to increase levels of arts engagement by families.   Fantastic for Families is their new, year-round marketing campaign to families, which will include a central website with listings of intergenerational arts events. You can sign … Read more

  Take a trip down memory lane with today’s challenge and dig deep into your photography archive to find those cute baby photos, those times by the beach photos, those can’t believe we did that photos. Have fun reliving those memories and breathe new life into them…   Look through old photos and give them … Read more

  Have you ever seen a face in your food? A banana smile in your banana split dessert or fried egg eyes in your morning fry up? Today we are asking you to recreate those moments and get creative with your food…     Make faces out of food. Play with what you have on … Read more

  ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…’ or so the old saying goes! Hull City Council happen to agree and this week they are challenging you to embrace this. Collection Collage – go for a walk and pick up items to create a collage.   Wander around the area you live, work or go … Read more

  Today we have something to shake off those Monday morning blues, to make you jump out of bed and get your week off to a great start! Whether you’re a fashionista or can’t wait for dress down Friday – enjoy mixing and matching with a getting dressed challenge…   Put on your wackiest outfits … Read more

  Today’s challenge is set by a brilliant guest organisation – Silver Sunday.   Silver Sunday is a day in the national calendar, the first Sunday in October, when we ask the nation to pause and think about older people and celebrate their contribution to society. It also presents an opportunity to bring generations together! … Read more

  It’s time to shake your tail-feather! Don’t worry if you’re shy or if you find it difficult to move far, this is a challenge that’s adaptable for anyone. Just have a go and see how it makes you feel.   What’s your absolutely favourite dance move? The dab? The Hand Jive? The Robot? Teach … Read more

  Whether it’s grey or bright where you are, unless you’re off on your Spanish hols it’s likely you’ll see some clouds in the sky today. We all know every cloud has a silver lining, and today’s is that they’re fun to play with. Have a go at this today:   Look up to the … Read more

  Day 3’s challenge requires patience, dedication and imagination… and our most loved kitchen utensil. If you’ve ever taken part in an egg and spoon race you may be off to a head start. Today’s challenge is a fun one to try together, or if you’re far away from each other maybe you can get … Read more

  Today is National Playday in the UK, a celebration of children’s right to play. We’d like to invite everyone to play for Day 2 challenge. Let today be your Playday…     Play together your favourite game from your childhood whether that childhood is happening now, or a long time ago! Is it a … Read more

  Welcome to Day 1 of The Generation Games! Today we embark on a 31 day journey. We hope in this time you’ll discover, create, share and have some fun together.   So with this in mind we thought there’s no better way to start our adventure than with an introduction. Let’s get to know … Read more

  In light of National Playday this week, Lemon Tree Children’s Centre are asking you to express and share your inner child or alter-ego…   Make A Puppet – use any materials you have to hand.   Create a puppet out of anything you have to hand, gather a few materials and see what you … Read more