June 21, 2017

3rd Birthday Thoughts.

Over a week ago, 64 Million Artists turned 3. 3 January challenges; 3 years of helping people get a bit more creative at work, at home, with strangers; 3 years of working out what we’re trying to do; 3 years of getting it to the point where we have full time staff, an office, a … Read more

  Saturday 24 June marks ‘Yellow Day’ and for this week’s Challenge Hull Preston Likely, a Hull-born artist, is encouraging you to make something yellow that you can carry, fashion or wear for the occasion.   Paint, sculpt, knit, cook, bake or buy something yellow to wear or carry on Yellow Day.   If you … Read more

  Have you ever been a poet without even knowing it? This week the BBC are asking you to get involved in…   The Washing Line – Write a poem on a postcard about where you live.   Take inspiration from Hull’s own Phillip Larkin and write a poem on a postcard about where you … Read more

  Have you ever thought about why you instinctively write and draw with one hand rather than the other? This week Streetwize Community Association are asking you to consider using the other…   Getting ‘Left’ Out – draw or write something as a lefty (or a righty of you’re already a lefty!)   If you … Read more

Can you feel the beat? Can you keep the rhythm? Can you step up to this week’s challenge? Hull Youth Development Service is inviting you to… Do: Create a drumming rhythm to accompany your favourite song. Use your hands and body, or things around you. If you have a bit more time: Can you make up … Read more

  Living Well    Hooray! You’ve made it through to the final day. Well done! Don’t worry if you didn’t do all of the challenges, or even any of them. Sometimes just reading something or having a go at something different is enough. As a celebration of your final day we’ve teamed up with @DementiaBoy, … Read more

  Thank You   Whether you are living with dementia, or live or work with someone who does, or you’ve just picked up these challenges for fun, we all have people that play a really important part in our lives and everyday wellbeing. Today we’re going to think about saying thank you.   Do Make … Read more

  Just for You   Today’s challenge is all about recognising how important it is to have time for yourself.   Do Spend at least 10 or 15 minutes doing something just for you. Take a long soak in the tub, put on your favourite music and dance around the room, close your eyes or … Read more

  Faithful Friends                                     Meet Storm. Storm is one of my rescue greyhounds (the other one is Mabel). She’s such a cuddle monster and an exceptional garden digger … sigh. Storm features in A Book of Me as … Read more

  Style Queens (& Kings)   Our clothes say a lot about us. Whether it’s a signature item or something someone bought for us or the general style of clothes we wear. Or if we don’t even like clothes and we just wear them for comfort. We have a challenge in A Book of Me … Read more

  Where can you go in 10 minutes? To the shop, to see a friend, or to the park? Sometimes the journey isn’t all about the destination… The staff at IPaSS (Integrated Physical and Sensory Service) are challenging you look beyond where you are going, and look at where you are, starting now.     … Read more

Dessert Island   Today is all about being silly. Sometimes as adults we forget to just let go and have a play. So we recommend, if you can, collaborating with children on this challenge. Maybe you have a grandchild or friend that might help you, either in person or someone you could email, call or … Read more

Rainbow Walk   One of the Five Ways to Wellbeing is to Take Notice. So often we rush around in our day or we get stuck in our thoughts and we forget to notice what’s around us. Today we’re inviting you to take a closer look at your surroundings.   Do Go for a walk … Read more

Draw how you feel   How is your day today? Feeling good? Having a hard time? What’s going on for you? We all have good days and bad days. Today we are going to take the time to think about that a little bit, but without words, because sometimes words can just make it more … Read more

Invisible Scarfie Today is another great challenge from the brilliant DementiaBoy, Andy Tysoe. As you’ll see from this video – Andy is a huge advocate for Dementia Friends and would regularly take his scarf out to promote the cause. When he lost it, however, it taught him a valuable lesson about loss, and adjustment.   … Read more

Flying Free   Sometimes, especially when we’ve been in the same place for a while, it’s nice to think about where we might like to be, or what we might do if things were different. If you were a bird for the day, where would you go and what would you do? Would you be … Read more

  Caring Words   If we are caring for someone with Dementia, or if we have a diagnosis ourselves, or if we are generally a human being, we will all need a little bit of support. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help, but when we do, it often lightens our load and makes life … Read more

Today’s challenge is set by the brilliant @DementiaBoy (otherwise known as Andy Tysoe). Andy is part of the Dementia Inclusive Communities Team at Cheshire West and Chester Council. He’s a huge champion of living well with dementia and his #DementiaDO training sessions are well known…because they’re so good. Through an interaction with someone living with … Read more

#DementiaDO…Remember ME!       Capturing a precious moment in time The idea for my challenge came from a chance meeting with a gentleman living with dementia. I was called to provide urgent support to a patient in distress on one of the wards. The staff reported him as ‘kicking-off’ and wanted me to ‘sort him out!’ He actually … Read more

  How often do you allow yourself time to take advantage of some peace and quiet? Hull & East Riding Institute for the Blind (HERIB) are inviting you to do exactly that in this week’s challenge… Meditate and Contemplate – take the time to notice your surroundings.   Sit quietly, reflect and take in your … Read more

  These challenges are inspired by A Book of Me a resource for anyone with a diagnosis of dementia, to support them to live well. A Book of Me is full of little challenges that help you record your likes, dislikes, needs and wants. Today’s challenge is one taken direct from the book. If you want … Read more

  Welcome to day one of A Book of Me creative challenges for Dementia Awareness Week and the following week, set by 64 Million Artists and Beauty and Utility Arts.   We’ve set these challenges for people living with dementia, people caring for them, people working in the field or anyone who is interested in how … Read more

  Do you remember playing musical statues and musical chairs? ReNew do, and they’ve created a challenge that embraces this on an epic scale… Community Freeze Frame – play a game of musical statues and send us photos of your statues! Grab a group of friends and some music, play a game of musical statues and … Read more

  Have you ever written a poem? If so, when was the last time? This week the staff at HM Prison, Hull, have a challenge to get your creative juices flowing… Short Sharp Poem – can you write one in 15 minutes?   Write a five-line poem in 15 minutes. That’s it. There are no … Read more