Do you ever look at objects in your house and wonder why you bought them? This week’s challenge asks you to look at these objects in a completely different light. The team at GROUND are asking you to Re-funk your Junk – what old stuff can you make new?   Take your unwanted or … Read more

Starting Dementia Awareness Week, we’ve teamed up with A Book Of Me to develop a set of Creative Challenges to help you Live Well With Dementia. For two weeks (Sunday 14th May– Sunday 28 May) we’ll send out daily creative challenges supporting you and your loved ones to develop simple and fun ideas around living well with … Read more

  Been singing in the shower? Or alone in the car? Learning the guitar secretly in your bedroom with YouTube tutorials? I bet you’re having great fun – but isn’t it time you bravely came out into the open and showed the world at large your inner musician?   Make Music Day on 21 June … Read more

Ciao. Ni Hao. Hello! The power and importance of language is incredible, so this week the members of Hull Language Cafe want us to embrace their challenge and become Art-ilingual – learn a new word or phrase in a different language.   Ask someone from another country or someone who speaks another language to teach … Read more

Good morning! This week get together with some friends, family or work colleagues and start your morning in the right way with our latest challenge from Pickering and Ferens Homes: Begin your day with a group singing session – don’t be afraid to sing at the top of your lungs, or impersonate your favourite singer, Stars In Your … Read more

Have you ever made a smiley face on a pizza? Decorated your plate with tomato sauce or created a tower out of green beans? The wonderful children from St Charles’ RC Primary School have, and this week they’re challenging you to do the same: Make your food look like something else. Consider the different colours and … Read more

This spring, join Creative Sprint for their April Challenge! The team at Creative Sprint and their wonderful followers took part in our January Challenge so now it’s time to return the favour. Similarly to the January Challenge, creative prompts will be emailed daily from the Creative Sprint team throughout April. Sprint ahead to find out … Read more

Are you proud of where you live? If an alien suddenly knocked at your door, what local sights or journeys would you recommend? This week Visit Hull and East Yorkshire (VHEY) are inviting you to become a local tourist and put yourself in the shoes of a city wanderer with their challenge.   Think about somewhere in … Read more

Are you over 65 or part of an organisation working with the over 65’s in Leicester? Looking for new ways to develop your creativity and be part of a creative community? Perhaps you want to re-discover your creativity or try something new. If this sound’s like you, get involved in our workshops as part of … Read more

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can make the world a brighter place – how we can better communicate with one another. How often do you take the time out to say something nice to someone? This week, the boys from Hull Trinity House Academy have a challenge that might push you out … Read more

This week we have been working in collaboration with the National Citizen Service (NCS) in Hull and East Riding, who are asking you to let the rhythm move your feet!   Try to create the longest and craziest conga that you can! Get as many members of the public, your workplace, your school or community group as possible to join … Read more

This week we have been thinking about the beauty of everyday objects and the unpredictable, creative potential that they have to become something else. In light of this, Pause Project are asking you to think about what you can create from everyday objects close to you. Look around you, go for a walk, see what you can see … Read more

This week we received a wonderful challenge from the team at Hull KR Community Trust, an organisation who aim to  inspire people through sport and physical activity. They would like you to dig out your dancing shoes and turn up the music for this week’s feel-good challenge: Get together with friends, colleagues or family and get dancing! Do … Read more

This week we are focusing on the beauty of the everyday – the bird that has just flown past your window, the leaves that are crunching beneath your feet, the person on the red bicycle. Together with Hull Public Health we would like you to:   Take notice of your surroundings and share a photograph … Read more

How much do you notice the views in the city you live, work or study in? This week Hull Children’s University are challenging you to : From memory, or by going to see it, draw, paint or create a landscape of your city. It might be the view of a bridge, or a cultural landmark, or just the view … Read more

This post is dedicated to the work of Cornwall Museum Partnership and Feast Cornwall, who feature in our Everyday Creativity newsletter as an example of a cultural organisation engaging with everyday creativity. They have recently welcomed Fun Palaces to Cornwall, and are part of a national programme to foster creative experiences in every community in … Read more

Welcome to the very first weekly challenge of 2017. To celebrate Hull 2017, UK City of Culture we have worked with 52 organisations across Hull to help us set some of the challenges this year. We hope you’ll keep coming back and trying them out each week, and keep sharing! This week we received a … Read more

The 64 Million Artists weekly challenges are back. This year, we are collaborating with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture on our weekly challenges. We have worked with 52 organisations across the city of Hull and they will be helping to set some of our challenges in 2017. We will be sending out free, creative … Read more

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of our January Challenge 2017. Thank you to everyone involved – whether you took part in every challenge, a select few or you just enjoyed reading them, we have loved all of your contributions to each and every task. Thank you for your creativity, your honesty and above all, the support and encouragement that you … Read more

Congratulations – you have made it to the final day of the January Challenge! This is a great achievement, and we hope that you are feeling more creative, motivated and inspired. Remember you can do anything that you put your mind to! Today we would like you to: Create your own challenge for someone else, … Read more

As we near to the end of January (how fast has that gone?!) and our Janaury challenge, we would like you to look forward to your future and to the New Year ahead. Think about all you have achieved, and all of the adventures that are yet to come – remember that life is a … Read more

                  Today’s challenge has been set by performance and video artist, Paula Varjack, inspired by the music of Moloko and their single ‘Forevermore’. Paula asks: ‘What do we wish we could say to those we struggle to talk to or can no longer talk to? How can we approach this … Read more

Where are you going? Are we there yet? How much longer? Often, walking is purpose-led, to reach a fixed destination. You may be on your way to buy milk, or on your daily journey to work or school or to meet a friend. Today, we want you to: Go for a walk without a destination … Read more

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to get yourself into a group once again and this week is all about connections. Today we would like you to: Play a game of photo association. One person begins by taking a photograph (the subject of which is up to you) – the next person takes a photo … Read more