May 18, 2017

Do Think Share – Living Well with Dementia Challenge, Thursday 18th May.

Flying Free


Sometimes, especially when we’ve been in the same place for a while, it’s nice to think about where we might like to be, or what we might do if things were different.

If you were a bird for the day, where would you go and what would you do? Would you be a friendly robin sat on a gardener’s spade, a pesky seagull pinching chips on the sea front at Scarborough or an owl, swooping around the countryside at night time?



Choose which bird you would be, close your eyes and imagine the journey you’d go on. When you’ve finished either draw a picture of where you’ve been or write a short story about your flying journey. Remember, this isn’t about doing something really good, it’s just about trying it out, so don’t think too much about it.



What was it like to imagine flying? Did you find it easy to do? Were you surprised by where you went?



Share a picture of your bird, tell us where you went or share your little short story on the, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget to hashtag #DoThinkShareDAW, #DAW2017 & #ABookofMe.


Here’s one from Katherine as an example:

“I drive backwards and forwards to Derbyshire quite a bit at the moment and twice now I’ve seen the most majestic heron swooping across Junction 23a of the M1, right next to East Midlands airport! So today, I choose to be that heron:

Look at them all, crammed inside that tin can. I don’t know why they’re all pointing at me like that, I was born with wings, those things are bolted on. Down there too, more tin boxes, all in a neat little row going nowhere. I love being me. Flying free, the wind in my feathers, I can go anywhere I like, as long as I’m home for tea.”