May 16, 2017

Do Think Share – Living Well with Dementia Challenge, Tuesday 16th May.

Today’s challenge is set by the brilliant @DementiaBoy (otherwise known as Andy Tysoe). Andy is part of the Dementia Inclusive Communities Team at Cheshire West and Chester Council. He’s a huge champion of living well with dementia and his #DementiaDO training sessions are well known…because they’re so good. Through an interaction with someone living with Dementia, he came up with this great idea about capturing memories to help paint a portrait of someone.

His challenge is Remember ME! It’s about capturing a precious moment in time. Have a go yourself, and then, if you’re supporting somebody living with dementia, try it with them. The subject could be anything, large or small, but has to be meaningful. See here for an example, and some more information on why Andy set the challenge.



Think of something that has meaning for you from your past. It can be anything, a place, meeting a famous person, a ‘first’ football match, but it has to have meaning. Then, try to find a picture of whatever it is, either online or in a scrapbook, old photo album or magazine. Next, think of a short piece of text to describe the place and a quote about your memory.



Reflect on what that was like. Was your memory a happy or sad one? If you were doing it with someone with Dementia what did you learn?



Share your RememberME on our website or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DoThinkShareDAW and #DementiaDO.




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