February 8, 2017

Everyday Creativity – Cornwall Museum Partnership and Feast Cornwall.

This post is dedicated to the work of Cornwall Museum Partnership and Feast Cornwall, who feature in our Everyday Creativity newsletter as an example of a cultural organisation engaging with everyday creativity. They have recently welcomed Fun Palaces to Cornwall, and are part of a national programme to foster creative experiences in every community in Cornwall.  They’ve been sharing some of the things that characterise their work and the things that they think matter if you’re serious about culture by, with a for everyone.

  1. People matter (and so does tea and cake) – FEAST will shortly celebrate their 10th anniversary (for a 3 year project, that’s not too bad). Their success in supporting arts and culture in almost every community in Cornwall is built on the quality of the relationships they have fostered. They’re easy to approach. They’ll have a cup of tea with you. As a new organisation we are working hard to do the same – we know that a building a culture of trust matters and that we will only learn what works best if we listen. Having genuine conversations (yes, actual talking, not emails) is important. Building trust, understanding people’s needs, getting under the skin of what matters helps us to ensure that we can  support brilliant events and experiences which truly match the aspirations of communities
  2. Understand distinctiveness or ‘If you treat the goldfish bowl like the sea you will poison it’ (Jack Morrison, FEAST). Cornwall is a different kind of a place and a place with great differences within it. We know that what works in one place might not work in another. Being flexible and being prepared to learn from our mistakes means that we avoid the ‘one size fits all’ trap. Understanding and amplifying distinctiveness is part of the fuel which feeds everyday creativity.
  3. Collaborate generously – we want to make tiny revolutions happen, to help people to realise that they can make the difference in their communities and we’re excited about how the Fun Palaces programme will help us to do this more. The way we do this is through collaboration; we mine our networks and proactively put people in touch with one another. By building connections between artists, scientists, museums, the voluntary sector, private sector and others we want to create the creative sparks which ignite hundreds of new creative ideas up and down our county.

More information on the Cornwall Museum Partnership can be found here, and for Feast click here. 

For more information about the Fun Palaces Ambassadors programme click here.