A Deeper Shade of Blue – Day 4

by Becca

I went for a walk on the beach – taking a reckie for an exhibition I’m in next summer – usually on this beach I look for red things but I figured that I could do blue too .. this scrap of plastic looks like a face to me, I also found a short length of thin plastic rope that reminded me of calligraphy, a couple of burst balloons, two bottle tops, amongst other scraps of blue plastic

Project Thoughts

If you could have collaborated with anyone in the world on this activity who would you choose?

I was with my friend David so I guess he was my collaborator that day. I think my grandchildren would also have enjoyed doing this.

Why did you choose to do what you did?

The moment presented itself. I love the 64 million artists nudges, I wanted to respond

How did you feel after doing this challenge?