Blue Horizon

by Graeme

My work contains spatial anomalies to expose different perceptions, semiotic systems which are used to create a dialogue between the artist, the audience and the painting. The work uses the blank field as a domain, allowing empty spaces to interact in various ways with the spatial objects which themselves become a visible shape of misleading illusory distortion within the patterns. The intention is to demonstrate the interplay between shapes, forms and shadows to achieve a 3- dimensional effect. Performing the activity within the action of practice requires interplay between decision making, choosing which spaces to leave empty and which to fill and the process of drawing. This requires constant questioning as there is no fixed horizon or orientation. The circular orientation creates a tool to facilitate specific perspectives which allow the image autonomy to spread according to the chiaroscuro, resulting in the illusion of impossible objects in unlikely places.

Project Thoughts

Which of these feelings most accurately describes your mood whilst doing this?


If you had to recommend this challenge to someone else, what would you say?

Go for it.

Why did you choose to do what you did?

I am trying to market and show my work to the public in any way possible.

Did this activity change your mood at all?