June 27, 2017

The Generation Games.


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Ever find yourself trying to think of activities to do with your grandchildren? Ever find yourself visiting elderly friends or relatives and don’t know what to do? Want to connect with family out of town or on the other side of the world? Want to meet other people and have fun taking part in creative activities?


This Summer we have the project for you. 


In August 2017, 64 Million Artists, in partnership with Leicester Ageing Together and supported by the Nominet Trust and Baring Foundation, are running The Generation Games – A 31 day programme of short creative challenges designed for older and younger people to do together.


You can sign up in an existing team – pledge to do the challenge with your Grandma, Great Uncle, a neighbour, a friend – or you can just sign up and connect with other people taking part each day. Each day the invitation will be to Do, Think and Share a creative challenge.


DO: The challenge will be easy, free to take part in, and will only need materials you already have in your house. It might be to go for a walk and discover different objects, or tell a story, or make a map of your memories of your local area.


THINK: We’ll ask you to reflect on your own, or with the other people you’re taking part with about what it was like to do the activity.


SHARE: We’ll ask you to share what you’ve done, or just how you felt about it online on social media, on our website, or just with your friends and family.


We hope the project will help people discover a bit more about themselves, share and connect with others from a different generation and also have some fun.


Jo Hunter, CEO of 64 Million Artists says: “When I got stuck in a rut at work, I took a month off work and got people to set me different creative challenges to do each day. My favourite challenge was getting someone over twice my age and someone under half my age to teach me their favourite dance. I met an amazing older lady called Barbara and we struck up a friendship I never would have had before (and she did a mean salsa). This project is designed to use creativity to bring people together, and to share something they wouldn’t normally.”


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