February 1, 2017

The January Challenge, All Together Now, Thank You.


You have made it to the end of our January Challenge 2017. Thank you to everyone involved – whether you took part in every challenge, a select few or you just enjoyed reading them, we have loved all of your contributions to each and every task.

Thank you for your creativity, your honesty and above all, the support and encouragement that you have given to one another throughout the month – it has been wonderful to see such a strong network emerge within the challenge.

The January Challenge was always about giving it a go and trying something new – about us all embracing our own creativity and not worrying about being right or being perfect. We believe that we are all creative and hope that this challenge has shown you this. Never be afraid to be creative.


We would love hear your thoughts about the January Challenge and it helps us make the case and keep doing this for free. To access the survey, please click here. If you loved a challenge, or wished you had seen more of something please do let us know – we really appreciate your feedback for future challenges.

What’s next?

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Work with us

64 Million Artists operate year-round and work to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity. Our focus is creating cultures of everyday creativity that people can manage themselves through our ‘Do, Think, Share’ process. As an organisation, we offer bespoke programmes of work with organisations, schools and communities across the country, helping all sorts of people unlock the power of creativity. If you are interested in the work that we do and would like to work with us please get in touch at hello@64millionartists.com or find us on social media:

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Keep in touch with us #64MillionArtists and tell us what you have been up to – the January Challenge may just be the beginning of greater, creative endeavours.