January 29, 2017

The January Challenge, Day 29 – Finding light in loss.










Today’s challenge has been set by performance and video artist, Paula Varjack, inspired by the music of Moloko and their single ‘Forevermore’.

Paula asks: ‘What do we wish we could say to those we struggle to talk to or can no longer talk to? How can we approach this in a way that is hopeful? How can we find inspiration in loss?’

We have been thinking about this too – about ways we can be hopeful, together. This task has 3 stages – read each one, and see how far you can go. Remember it’s not about being right or being perfect – it’s all about just trying something new. Today, Paula would like you to:

1. Dance to this song, “Moloko, Forevermore” – and turn up the volume.

2. Give yourself 5 minutes to write about, or to someone you have difficulty speaking to, or no longer speak to, but wish you could. Try to write continuously for these 5 minutes – you could set yourself a timer so you know when to stop.

3. Take your camera or smart phone and outside and find a spot to stand. Turn one slow steady full circle on the spot and film what you see. Don’t rush it, take your time. Imagine that you have never seen what you are filming before.

NB: Moloko were an English-Irish music duo. After three successful albums, singer Róisín Murphy ended her 8 year relationship with producer Mark Brydon but were still contractually obliged to produce a final album. Their second single, “Forevermore” is an uplifting song about the desire to connect with someone, produced by two people who were once in love, but are now moving on.

If you have more time …

Try adding music to your recorded clip. How does this change the clip? Look at what you wrote in the free writing section – underline fragments and phrases that you like. Write out just these phrases. Experiment with changing the order. Make any rewrites you like to make it flow better for you. Now you have a poem! Perhaps you could try recording the above and add to the clip as a voiceover. Choose a word or line from your writing and use it as the title of your video – take ownership of your creation.



Which part of the challenge did you enjoy the most? Did this change your thoughts around loss?



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Paula Varjack works across disciplines; performance, theatre, documentary and spoken word. Her debut prose & poetry publication Letters I Never Sent to You published by Burning Eye Books explores how love and heartbreak can be felt just as strongly for a place as for a person. On the 31st of January she launches Take Cover at Paper Dress Vintage with performer Lydia Beardmore, and on February 14th with Dan Simpson she presents Worst Date Ever, a night that celebrates dates gone wrong. bg-contact 2