January 30, 2017

The January Challenge – Day 30, If you could see me now.

As we near to the end of January (how fast has that gone?!) and our Janaury challenge, we would like you to look forward to your future and to the New Year ahead. Think about all you have achieved, and all of the adventures that are yet to come – remember that life is a journey, not a fixed destination. In light of this, we would like you to:


Imagine yourself next January 1st. Create or draw a picture of where you’d like to be. What you’ll be doing. Who will be there. Imagine how you’d like to be. Be as realistic/optimistic/ blue skied about it as you like!

If you have more time …

Consider where you were a year ago. How have you changed since then? What has been the biggest change that you have been through in the last ten years? If you could offer yourself some advice, from then, what would it be?



How did it feel to look forward to the future? If you could describe this challenge as a sound what would it be?



Share your hopes with us, fears are welcome also – whatever feels right for you. If you’re sharing on social media don’t forget to tag us #64millionartists or share to our pages:

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Need some inspiration? See Katie’s creation below.


I’m aiming to look outwards and upwards this year. Positioning myself a year from now was quite difficult, so instead I focused on who I want to be. One certainty is that I will be 25 – I sincerely hope that I am happy and healthy and that I continue to be a kind daughter, sister and friend. I also hope to have visited at least one new place. Here’s a toast to the next twelve months, whatever wonder they may bring.