January 31, 2017

The January Challenge, Day 31 – Go your own way.

Congratulations – you have made it to the final day of the January Challenge! This is a great achievement, and we hope that you are feeling more creative, motivated and inspired. Remember you can do anything that you put your mind to! Today we would like you to:

Create your own challenge for someone else, be it a friend, colleague, sibling, or just somebody you know from our Facebook/Twitter page. This can be anything you like – use your imaginations and invent something completely new and exciting. If you’re stuck then you can always look to previous challenges for inspiration. Once you have done this find a new challenge to complete from a fellow Challenger.

If you have more time … 

Think about how you would have approached your own challenge. What made you think of it? Would you like to do it? Which challenge did you pick to complete? What drew you to it?



How did it feel to set a challenge for someone else? Did you set a task that you would enjoy doing? Did you complete another person’s challenge?



Share your challenge with us – we would love to see what challenges you have created. Perhaps include the challenge that you completed. If you’re sharing on social media don’t forget to tag us #64millionartists or share to our pages:

t: @64M_Artists

f: 64millionartists

i: 64millionartists

We will be sending out a short survey tomorrow morning so keep an eye on your inbox or this page – any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

Need some inspiration? See below for some of your wonderful responses to this month’s challenges.