August 14, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 14th August – Origam-U.


Paper can be made into so much more than the material we write on, that’s why this week the Goodwin Development Trust are challenging you to consider this…


Origam-U – what origami can U make?


Create an object in origami – whether you are a complete novice, or a secret paper expert, we want you to join in!


If you have more time …

Teach a friend some origami, or if you are finding it difficult ask them to teach you. Here’s a little inspiration.



Is there anything you would like to create out of paper that you couldn’t in the time limit?



Share a photo of your origami – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Or if you have any nifty origami tips a video tutorial, don’t forget to use #64MillionArtists & #ChallengeHull. You can tag Hull2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the Goodwin Development Trust on Facebook.


Share with us too:

t: @64M_Artists




If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group and connect with other challengers.

This year we are working in collaboration with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture to deliver transformative cultural activity and celebrate everyday creativity in 2017.