April 17, 2017

Weekly challenge, 17th April – Art-ilingual.

Ciao. Ni Hao. Hello! The power and importance of language is incredible, so this week the members of Hull Language Cafe want us to embrace their challenge and become Art-ilingual – learn a new word or phrase in a different language.


Ask someone from another country or someone who speaks another language to teach you a new word or phrase.


If you have a bit more time…

Perhaps you could make language cards or short videos to help teach other people the useful phrases you’ve learnt?



How did you find learning another language? Was it easier or more difficult than you expected? Can you learn more words and phrases?



Film yourself saying the new phrases you’ve learnt or take a photo holding them up!


Don’t forget to tag #64MillionArtists and #ChallengeHull and share with us:

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You can then tag Hull 2017 (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and Hull Language Café (in their group on Facebook), as we’d love to see your results.

If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group and connect with other challengers.


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