March 20, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 20th March – Complimentary Compliments.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can make the world a brighter place – how we can better communicate with one another. How often do you take the time out to say something nice to someone? This week, the boys from Hull Trinity House Academy have a challenge that might push you out of your comfort zone…

Take a few minutes a day, every day this week, and go up to someone who you don’t know, or haven’t spoken to much before and offer them a compliment. Help to brighten someone’s day.

If you have more time … 

Why not keep a little diary of what it was like to give the compliments, or document the things you say to people you talk to in some way? If you’ve got a bit longer, see how many people you can compliment across a whole day.



Once you’ve paid your compliment, think about what it was like to do so. Would you do it again?



Share how you felt giving a compliment, or maybe a selfie of you and your complimentee – we would love to see how you got on this week. Don’t forget to tag #64MillionArtists and #ChallengeHull and share with us:
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