November 20, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 20th November – Surface Rubbings.


We use and encounter different materials every day, each with their own colours, textures and creative potential. This week, the team at HICA is challenging you to create:

Create your own surface rubbing using materials from around your environment. Place a piece of paper over your chosen material and rub the paper with pencils, charcoal, crayon or ink to see what images you can create.


If you have more time … 
Swap materials with a friend and see how your images compare. Can they guess which material you placed under the paper?

Does your surface rubbing look like the material that you used? How did it feel to create something using materials from your environment?


We would love to see your surface rubbings so do share them! Post a photograph of your image and the material that you used on social media using #ChallengeHull & #64MillionArtists. Don’t forget to tag Hull2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and HICA on Twitter.

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This year we are working in collaboration with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture to deliver transformative cultural activity and celebrate everyday creativity in 2017.