April 24, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 24th April – Re-funk your Junk.


Do you ever look at objects in your house and wonder why you bought them? This week’s challenge asks you to look at these objects in a completely different light. The team at GROUND are asking you to Re-funk your Junk – what old stuff can you make new?


Take your unwanted or unusable objects and breathe new life into them. Would an old chair look better with a new coat of paint? Could you make an empty jam jar into a pen holder? What old stuff can you make new?


If you have a bit more time…

Perhaps you could try making some of these objects into gifts for friends or family members? If you need a bit of inspiration, check out these great upcycling tips.



Which new object is your favourite? How does it feel to create something new?



Make sure you take before and after photographs so you can compare how they look and commend your efforts and share these on social media using #64MillionArtists and #ChallengeHull so we can see what you got up to. You can then tag Hull 2017 (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and GROUND (on Facebook) too.

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This year we are working in collaboration with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture to deliver transformative cultural activity and celebrate everyday creativity in 2017.