July 31, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 31st July – Make A Puppet.


In light of National Playday this week, Lemon Tree Children’s Centre are asking you to express and share your inner child or alter-ego…


Make A Puppet – use any materials you have to hand.


Create a puppet out of anything you have to hand, gather a few materials and see what you can make – remember, their life is in your hands.


If you have more time …

Grab a few friends or work colleagues and start up a conversation between the puppets. Perhaps the Fuzzfeed puppets can inspire you…



How did it feel to bring something to life?



Share a photo of your puppet or a video of them in action. Don’t forget to tag #64MillionArtists & #ChallengeHull and share with Hull2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and with The Lemon Tree Children’s Centre on Facebook.


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This year we are working in collaboration with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture to deliver transformative cultural activity and celebrate everyday creativity in 2017.