October 9, 2017

Weekly Challenge, 9th October – Message in a Bottle.


Have you ever written to somebody that you don’t know? Would you like to receive a message from someone that you have never met before? This week, the Hull Community Homeless Project may help you to do this with its Challenge Hull:


Leave a message in a bottle in your local area (but try not to litter!) What the message says is entirely up to you – it could be a motivational quote, a piece of advice, or an observation about your surroundings – be as creative as you can..


If you have more time …

Could you leave a message every day for a week? Try drawing your message or leaving clues for people to find your bottles.



Where did your inspiration for each message come from? How did you feel leaving your writing for someone else to find?



Take a photo of your message or where you left it – you never know, the person who found it may be reading! Don’t forget to share on social media using #ChallengeHull & #64MillionArtists. You can tag Hull2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Hull Homeless Community Project on Facebook.


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This year we are working in collaboration with Hull 2017, UK City of Culture to deliver transformative cultural activity and celebrate everyday creativity in 2017.