April 3, 2017

Weekly challenge, 3rd April – Happy Food.

Have you ever made a smiley face on a pizza? Decorated your plate with tomato sauce or created a tower out of green beans? The wonderful children from St Charles’ RC Primary School have, and this week they’re challenging you to do the same:

Make your food look like something else. Consider the different colours and textures of the food in front of you – what does it remind you of? What could it be?

If you have more time … 

You could get into a group with family or friends and each pick a different meal to make-over and see how breakfast compares to lunch and dinner. Make sure you take a photograph of your designs as you start to see your food in a completely new way.


How did your attitude towards food change? What was your favourite food to ‘make-over?’ What ingredients were the easiest to use, and which were more difficult?


Send us a picture of your favourite food design or a photo of you eating your edible image. Don’t forget to tag #64MillionArtists and #ChallengeHull and share with us:
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