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As humans, if we think about getting creative too much, we’ll never even start. So, we encourage just opening a creative prompt and having a go. See what happens (...and if nothing happens, that's okay too!). You don't need any tools, you can do a creative prompt in your mind and on-the-go.


Reflecting on our creativity can help us discover our unique thoughts and feelings, leading to a deeper connection with ourselves. We also invite you to explore what creativity means to others across the UK so that we can all inspire one another and learn just how varied creativity is for everyone.


From your favourite song, a box of popcorn, doodles, poems and little stories. We invite everyone to come together online and in-person to share the path they took with creativity that day, whether it’s something you created or simply how thinking about the prompt made you feel.

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Take a 31-day journey and explore what creativity is to you.

Podcast series

Welcome to 'Creativity is...', the podcast by 64 Million Artists that celebrates the remarkable creativity within each of us. Each episode explores how our guests' life experiences have shaped their imagination, connections and self-expression.

Each episode is created to be interactive, and you can explore the creative prompt offered in each episode with the guests, or you can sit back and enjoy the episode. This podcast is an open invitation to everyone. It's a reminder that if you have a mind to dream, you possess the power to be creative.

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Sometimes referred to as a 'challenge', a creative prompt is a playful and accessible prompt to inspire creative action created by different individuals across the UK.

An opportunity to inspire people to try something new. It’s quick to do (roughly 15 - 20 minutes) and should only require materials you'll likely find around you.

You can try out a creative prompt whenever and with whoever you like. In the comfort of your home, on a bus to work, with friends and families, or within community or workplace settings.

People give creative prompts a whirl to boost their wellbeing, tap into their unique self-expression and have fun.

A Creativity Champion believes in the power of creativity and invites others to try out creative prompts together.

You could invite your friends or neighbours to a WhatsApp group and share your thoughts and what you came up with.

You could start a space at work for people to take a creative break.

Or you might begin your work meetings with a creative prompt (the best way to begin a meeting, in our opinion!)

The creative prompts are yours to explore however you choose (or don't choose) to engage others.

Every week, throughout the year, we share a creative prompt that will invite you to Do, Think and Share. Every creative prompt is set by different individuals, organisations and community groups.

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Anyone, including you, can create and submit an idea for a creative prompt!

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If you have any questions or for further information, get in touch at yashoda@64millionartists.com

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