Our Work

We were commissioned by Arts Council England to look at some of the most innovative ways cultural organisations are collaborating with communities. The result is a report: Cultural Democracy in Practice.

Each year we run The January Challenge: 31 days of simple creative challenges to kickstart the year. The campaign takes place across social media and engages thousands of participants by activating their creativity and wellbeing.

In partnership with UCL Division of Psychology and Life Sciences, this clinical research project explores the impact of online creativity for people experiencing stress, depression and anxiety.

Funded by Nominet Trust and Baring Foundation, we partnered with Leicester Ageing Together to explore the impact of digital technology on the everyday creativity and wellbeing of older people.

We were commissioned by Arts Council England to produce a report looking at Everyday Creativity across England – where it was happening, how it happened and what needed to be put in place to encourage more of it.

Do Think Share is our easy-to-use creativity website. It contains resources for everyone: How To… videos, session plans and bitesize creative challenges. It also showcases all our community’s work.

In partnership with Hull2017, we asked how culture can be initiated, developed and owned by everyone in Hull. Celebrating their passions and creative flair, we invited the Hull communities to change the way they see themselves and their city.

Leading Researchers is a programme commissioned by King’s College London. We empower a new generation of researchers, already proficient in their area of study, to reach higher, work in a more cross-disciplinary way, and manage ambitious, large-scale programmes.

Church and Dwight are an American-owned consumer goods company with a toothpaste factory and offices in Folkestone. We were invited to help them tell their story, and see if we could help improve employee engagement at the factory.