Do Think Share

dothinkshare.com is our everyday creativity website with accessible resources and a community gallery.

The brief

Embracing a simple process of participating in activities (do); reflecting on them (think); and sharing the outcomes (share), users of dothinkshare.com engage in simple creative challenges and offer each other encouragement and support in their adventures as everyday artists.


Who was involved?

The website is free and accessible to all but has been developed in partnership with specific communities in various locations including Leicester, Derby and Hull as well as London. Now, the site’s community of users are based all over the world!


What we did

Using a prototyping method, we developed a suite of creative activities for the site, including a creative challenge bank, online session plans and simple ‘How to’ videos. The site is also host to a range of campaigns throughout the year, most notably The January Challenge and The Weekly Challenge. Embracing our core value of cultural democracy, we have also enabled users to upload their own creative challenges and self-curated galleries.


What were the outcomes?

Dothinkshare.com plays a central role in the work of 64 Million Artists, and continues to grow as our work with various partners develops. The site now hosts the work of thousands of everyday artists.

I'm a teacher in Adult Education and Family Learning so I teach a few different subjects to lots of different age groups. These session plans are great, I can adapt them for various ages and abilities and they will come in very handy for me. Thank you!
- Tracy Harman