The January Challenge Champions Package

Get ready to get creative, with our Champions Package. Here you will be able to buy all of the resources you'll need for January including:
- All of the Challenges ahead of time
- Daily Challenge graphics
- Personalised workplace graphic
- Printable resources
- Facilitation guide with handy hints and tips
- Flyers

You should expect to receive your pack by Monday 2nd December. Please provide us with all the contact details we'll need to support you.
    As part of the pack we offer a Webinar Workshop, designed to inspire ideas around how to use the pack in your school or library. Please select one of the dates above.
  • Up to 5 members of staff can join us for the Webinar Workshop. Please indicate how many staff will be joining, and what their roles within the organisation are. We suggest inviting key players such team leaders, head of departments and co-ordinators.
  • Price: £ 300.00
    Please note, price is inclusive of 20% VAT. You will receive a VAT receipt upon purchase.
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