National Day of Arts in Care Homes 2021

Today, Friday 24th September, is the National Day of Arts in Care Homes! Get creative in your care setting, home or workplace and download the The Weekly Challenge here ➡️ Let’s play a game of colour association.


The Arts In Care Homes logo in a purple circle surrounded by #AICH2021

Arts In Care Homes is a project run by National Activity Providers Association. Every year they celebrate the wealth of arts activities taking place in Care Homes across England and the positive impact this has on the wellbeing and motivation of residents.  To find out more about how to get involved and access a brilliant bank of creative resources, visit:


To celebrate, 64 Million Artists partnered with Everyday Creativity to bring you The Weekly Challenge! 


An elderly man sits at a table drawing a picture of a robin. He is wearing a grey jumper and wears glasses.Everyday Creativity, a Sussex based project. They are community artists collaborating with older people and carers, creating ‘in the moment’, inclusive, sensory based interactions, to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing. We ran a workshop together exploring the creativity of residents at Saxonwood Care Home. A huge thank you to resident John and Activities Coordinator Jade for collaborating on this ‘Colour Association’ Challenge.


We hope that people inside and outside of care homes all over the country take part in this week’s challenge and are all excited to see your responses!

Download the creative challenge here: Let’s play a game of colour association.