The dictionary definition of creativity is “the ability to go beyond traditional ideas, rules, and patterns and create new ones”. So, you don't have to be a professional painter or musician; all it takes to be creative is to have a mind that can think new thoughts. No matter what you’ve been told or believed before, you ARE creative.

Creativity means different things to all of us, and it can help us understand our feelings, gain perspective and manage stress, or simply give us five minutes to reconnect with ourselves.

The possibility of making a little ripple of change through creativity is…inside all of us.

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Creative Courage

Accessing our creativity can help give us the energy for the change we want to make in our lives and the world around us.

This six-month programme will give you time and structure to nurture your creativity, make time for self-reflection, connect with others, and develop a structured approach to exploring new possibilities and making commitments to yourself.

Leading Researchers

A creative leadership programme helping academics to raise their research ambitions and together shape thriving university environments

The January Challenge 2024

Over 150,000 people explored their unique creativity with The January Challenge. This year, we had 31 creative prompts set by 31 Creativity Champions across the UK, you can explore them here.

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Stories of change


“Underneath the surface of us all as human beings in the world doing our jobs, playing our roles, and we all have this incredible life force and imagination. Somewhere along the line, we're told we're not creative. We might even believe that, and it's just not true."

- Dr Tracy Breathnach

WAHWN, Wales

“It was a complete break from the norm. It's really nice to express creativity in a completely different way. It was what pushed me towards getting our team involved in doing a creative prompt every day. The types of people who got involved really spread across the entire company. Finance, HR, and account managers, all took part. I think, what made it great was that it really showed that anyone can be creative.”

- George Sexton

Hamilton Brown, London
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"It (creativity) has helped people realise they are part of the company and not just a number, so people want to come to work and they have fun while they're here too."

- Becky Dowell

Quality Control Manager, Church and Dwight
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The January Challenge: Facts, Feelings, and Reflections

The January Challenge 2024: Facts, Feelings, and Reflections. We’ve been crunching numbers, reading your feedback and reflecting on everything that happened over The January Challenge 2024! What is the January Challenge? The January Challenge is 31 days of fun, quick and accessible creative prompts. Each creative prompt is an invitation to ‘do, think and share’…

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What happens next after The January Challenge?

What happens next after The January Challenge? What a January it’s been! Thank you for joining us for the ride! Whether you did one or all 31 creative prompts, we hope you enjoyed exploring your creativity with curiosity and connection.    Although we have reached the end of The January Challenge, our offer of free…

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A Year of Creative Courage

A Year of Creative Courage 2024 is going to be my Year of Creative Courage.   I regularly tell the story of how 10 years ago, when I found myself experiencing burnout and panic attacks, I took a month off work and got different people to set me different creative challenges to do each day.…

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Nurturing hope and creativity in a chaotic world

Nurturing hope and creativity in a chaotic world It’s that time of year again when we begin to prepare to launch The January Challenge. It is the time of year when I marvel not only at my team’s skill and expertise in crafting something beautiful but, more than ever, the multitude of amazing creativity champions,…

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8 organisations doing things radically differently to support employee wellbeing

8 organisations doing things radically differently to support employee wellbeing When it comes to talking about mental health in the workplace it can, sometimes, be just that: a lot of talk. But while awareness certainly has a place, and has done a lot of good in terms of moving forward the mental health conversation and…

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Some of the benefits from exploring your creativity...

Spark creativity

Daily creative prompts provide a structured, consistent way to nurture and develop our creative skills.


Prompts often encourage introspection, allowing us to explore our thoughts, feelings, and experiences through creative expression.

Community Building

Participating in a shared creative experience, mainly when prompts are distributed to a group, fosters a sense of community and shared accomplishment.

Connection with others

Sharing creations resulting from the prompts can facilitate connection with others engaging in the same creative journey.

Boosting gratitude

Some creative prompts may encourage us to appreciate and express gratitude for different aspects of our lives.

Skill Development

Daily prompts may target specific skills or techniques, allowing us to enhance our artistic or creative abilities.


Prompts can encourage experimentation with different creative methods outside of our usual approach.

Building a portfolio

Over time, the creations from daily prompts can contribute to building a diverse and impressive portfolio of work.


Creative prompts can spark new ideas and inspire us to think outside our usual patterns, helping us discover fresh perspectives.

Stress Reduction

Creative expression has therapeutic benefits and can serve as a stress-relief outlet, offering a break from daily pressures.

Create a new routine

Setting aside time each day for a creative prompt can contribute to building a positive routine and habit formation.

Goal setting

Setting and achieving daily creative goals can bring a sense of accomplishment and motivation, contributing to personal growth.

Stimulating Curiosity

Prompts often introduce new topics or themes, encouraging participants to explore subjects they may not have considered before.


Engaging in daily creative activities can be a form of mindfulness, promoting focus on the present moment and enhancing overall well-being.

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