The Jan Challenge

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We are all creative.


When we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us. We aim to be a catalyst for the creativity of everyone in the UK.

Since we were founded in 2014, we’ve worked with schools, universities, whole cities, workplaces, cultural institutions and health and government bodies to experiment with ways of reconnecting people with their innate creativity. We run programmes for individuals and communities, design and deliver bespoke solutions for clients, and work on national partnering initiatives to use creativity for positive change.

We’re a social enterprise and love to work in collaboration with partners who share our values.

Get in touch if you’ve got an idea or need to spark creativity in your workplace or community.

Work we've done

Impact Report

We’re excited to launch our 2023 Impact Report, exploring key findings and reflections from The January Challenge and how our learning will inform future plans.

Everyday Creativity

In 2016, 64 Million Artists were commissioned by Arts Council England to produce a report looking at Everyday Creativity across England

Children's Capital of Culture

64 Million Artists are working to ensure co-creation and the voices of children and young people are at the heart of the exciting initiative.

Leicester Ageing Together

In this action research project, we explored the impact of digital tools on the creativity and wellbeing of older people in Leicester

Church & Dwight

We were invited by an American consumer goods company to help them tell their story and see if we could help improve employee engagement at their toothpaste factory

Cultural Democracy

Commissioned by Arts Council England, we're exploring ways cultural organisations are revolutionising their engagement with communities. The result is both a practical toolkit and a growing compendium of best practice

Coventry City of Culture 2021

Working with Coventry City of Culture 2021 Collaborative Team, 64 Million Artists are helping Coventry 2021 embed co-creation and citizen-led culture


Creating a safe space for the young activists to explore and share their experiences, we worked with the group across the year to build their creative confidence and campaign skills.

Hull City of Culture

In partnership with Hull2017, we asked how culture can be initiated, developed and owned by everyone in Hull


A list of thank yous

31st January 2023

Thank you. This year was incredible for The January Challenge, and we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic community (that’s YOU!) Here are some thank you’s below to everyone from funding support to collaborators and beyond. • Arts Council England • Arts Council Wales • Esmee Fairbairn Co-creation groups/ collaborators: • WAHWN (Wales Arts…

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Share your story

24th January 2023

Over the years, people have told us that The January Challenge has had a domino effect and inspires conversations and unique little moments in their lives.   Now and then, an email pops into our inbox from someone saying just how much The January Challenge means to them.   Which, as you can imagine, means…

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How creativity helped me overcome perfectionism

24th January 2023

How creativity helped me overcome perfectionism Ten years ago, my life changed unexpectedly. I was working in a place I loved, with people I thought highly of, making great things happen.    But I felt flat.   My body knew something was up faster than I could work out what it was. I began experiencing…

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It’s time for a celebration and you’re invited.

23rd January 2023

When: 31st January 2023 (this month) Time: 12:00 – 01:00 PM Where: Zoom Buy Tickets on Eventbrite Get your free ticket here We’re throwing a virtual party to celebrate TEN WHOLE YEARS of The January Challenge, and we’d love you to be there. The January Challenge has brought us: ✨ Ten years of your extraordinary creativity ✨ Ten…

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Join our incredible collaborators and let’s get creative together.

5th January 2023

  Throughout January, there will be events, workshops and celebrations designed to help us celebrate The January Challenge community! Some events are in person, and some are online. All of them are free and open for you if you’d like to join. We will update this page with more exciting announcements throughout January, stay up…

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The Champions Pack for Care Settings

3rd January 2023

If you work with older people in a care home setting – here’s a free resource you might find useful! 64 Million Artists have been working with Leicester-based charity Learning for the Fourth Age to think about how The January Challenge could be used by staff and older residents in care settings. Together, we’ve created…

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If you have a chronic health condition or disabilities, here’s a free invite from Emma Major

16th December 2022

many years and now happy to call myself an artist and poet.”

Emma is working with 64 Million Artists to create a virtual group for people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, who are taking part in The January Challenge. 

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Create circles of care and creativity at work

15th October 2022

As a nation, we’re often driven by getting things right. Creativity is a chance to get back in touch with a part of ourselves, often long-buried, and allows us to connect with the world around us differently. That’s why The January Challenge exists – to remind us that we are ALL creative. We’re holding workshops in November…

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Why we’re taking August off as a company

8th June 2022

Why we take August off as a company. Two weeks ago, we decided to give our team the whole of August off. At full pay, with no impact on the rest of their holiday allocation. We’re closing the office and taking a rest. Why? Because we need it. The last two and a half years have…

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How a four-day week is changing our lives!

13th April 2022

In 2017 I found myself in a burnout cycle. It’s typical of people in the creative industries. We’re passionate about what we do, so we work hard without enough breaks and blur the boundaries between work and life. Then, suddenly, we can’t manage it anymore, and we crash. I realised something had to give. So,…

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