Challenge your creativity!

This blog is a guest post by Rosie who is on a 10 week programme with 64 million Artists. This is her view on what creativity means to her.

I believe being creative gives you the feeling of freedom! No barriers to what you create, just your mind, passion and emotion. I think it’s extremely important to express yourself whether it is through a hobby, work or just genuinely how you feel.

Being creative can come in all shapes and sizes, in a team or by yourself. I feel both really help. Learning through others and different people’s ideas can be really inspirational.

I became interested in the creative arts from around the age of 6, I always enjoyed creating and performing. My grandad passed away when I was 10 years old, I wrote a song prior to it and ever since then I have gained a real passion for writing and music.

When my mind is under stress, being creative helps me to stay positive so the negatives and things that are not going so well are released through a passion, something that I won’t have to justify, just a creation that has been made.  Being creative also helps interact with others, building up social skills, putting different ideas together and building something great! I find being creative is vital, there are no rules! Creativity is about bringing something new to the world. There is no right idea or wrong idea which gives you the power of expression and perception in a creative aspect.

I think creativity is part of everyday life, even the smallest things like drawing a flower – if it’s come from you and your mind, it’s creative! I think you can make anything if you believe your mind is capable of doing so. I would encourage others to get creative and express themselves by saying: don’t worry about what other people may think – just do what you enjoy. Where there is a will there’s a way – if you believe in something and want to pursue it, let nothing hold you back.

My top 3 tips for being creative would be… Do exactly what makes you happy, be able to make mistakes and learn and carry on from them and lastly, never stop believing in yourself.