Our values


We are bold. We experiment. We find ways to make a safe space for people to take risks and challenge themselves. We try stuff out, and believe in just doing it. By doing this we open doors for others to do it too.

Fun and Joy

We are wholehearted. We have a sense of playfulness in what we do and how we work. We enjoy connecting people to each other and the environment they are in. We love what we do, and the impact we can have, and relish bringing joy with us.

Collaborative community

We are stronger together, and enjoy working in partnership, increasing the agency and impact we can have. Our community celebrates equality and inclusion, acknowledges barriers to access and actively works to include all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion. We enjoy enabling a sense of belonging and community for others.


We are creative at our core. We believe in adventurous curiosity, trying new things, exploring and expressing ourselves. We ensure this runs through all we do, how we operate as individuals and as a company, and how we work with others.

Be who you are

We give ourselves and others the permission and freedom to be who we are. We help people to be the best of themselves. We recognise we are not experts, and have an appetite to always be learning.

Think big

We believe big change is possible and are ambitious in what we do. We believe the potential for making a positive, transformational difference is in all of us. We work to champion change across a range of scales, from individual shifts to national policy.

Equalities Statement

The 64 Million Artists community celebrates equality and inclusion. We are committed to understanding and overcoming barriers to access to include and celebrate people of all gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

We recognise the systemic injustices that exist in our society and our own unconscious biases due to our privilege. We recognise that we have not always done enough to address this in our work. We strongly believe that action is the best way to show a commitment to our values. While we are constantly working on making our approach universally accessible, we are currently undertaking a series of actions in 2 key areas where we think we have the most work to do.


We are aware of the systemic injustices that exist towards Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups in UK society and globally. As such, we have recently re-committed to proactive steps to learn, grow and take action as a company:

  • Expanding our pool of freelancers and associates to include more people of colour
  • Ensuring that as we appoint our first Board of Directors that it includes people of colour
  • Build on our learning around anti-racist recruitment practices to ensure any new positions are advertised broadly and applications structured to combat the unconscious bias that we know exists in all of us
  • All staff to undergo regular training around anti-racism, unconscious bias and accessibility practices
  • Only work with clients that adhere to our values around anti-racism
  • Ensure that people of colour are always paid fairly and appropriately
  • To amplify Black and Minority Ethnic voices through our public-facing programmes and always pay for their time

Access and Disability

We are also proactively working with and listening to d/Disabled artists and participants to develop best practices around recruitment and access to programmes. To this end, we are committed to:

  • Improving accessibility on our website over the next 6-12 months.
  • Proactively working with and listening to disabled artists and audiences
  • To amplify d/Disabled voices through our public-facing programmes and paying for their time
  • Continuing to improve access to recruitment processes
  • To ensure that people with both visible and invisible disabilities have representation on our staff, board and associate pool

Over the next five years, we expect to grow as a company and will continue to build on these actions to ensure our company staff, board and associates, partners, and participants are more fully representative of the 64 Million (plus population growth) people in this country.

If you have any questions or further thoughts on how to develop or support our actions, please get in touch at hello@64millionartists.com.

Our team


Jo Hunter

Founder & CEO



Head of Public Programmes


William Warrener

Head of Academic Programmes





Head of Culture & Strategy



Public Programmes Manager


Zara Veerapen-Padayachy

Team Administrator


Chris ROlls

Head of Training & Development



Head of Marketing and Communications



Programmes Administrator

Our associates


Douglas Lonie

Co-Director of tialt

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Rosie priest

tialt research associate


Sholeh Johnston

Leadership Facilitator & Coach


Claire Sivier

Co-Director of tialt


Robbie Swale

Leadership Facilitator


Ellen o'hara

Leadership Facilitator



tialt visual researcher


Michaela Tranfield

Facilitator & Podcast Host

Our board


Damian Hebron


Alan Lane

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Tina Ajuonuma


Carol Tavernier

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Kirstin Shirling


Ed Watson