Chris Rolls

Chris Rolls​

Senior Project Manager

What’s your role at 64 Million Artists and what do you love most about it?

I’m Senior Project Manager for 64 Million Artists and focus on public engagement and mental wellbeing projects. I also design and run much of the company’s training programmes. I love the human connections at the heart of every project I work on – whether it’s a huge mega-project like a City of Culture, or a one-off workshop with a library, a care home or a business.


What is your favourite way to get creative?

I find creative ideas come when I’m in contact with water and nature. Some of my best ideas come in the shower or on a nice long walk through the woods. For me, the elements and nature open up doors of perception.


Outside of work/in your free time, what are you most passionate about?

Outside of work I have the privilege of being a psychotherapist in private practice. I see this work as synchronous with my work for 64 Million Artists. It’s all about facilitating people to manage their challenges and move to a place of self acceptance, creativity and self determination.