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Every Monday, throughout the year, we share a creative challenge that invites people to Do, Think and Share. Every challenge is set by different individuals, organisations and community groups. Anyone can set a challenge - including you!

Have an idea for one? Let us know your idea via this form.

If you have any questions, or for further information get in touch at yashoda@64millionartists.com

It’s a playful and accessible prompt to inspire creative action.

An opportunity to inspire people to try something new. It’s quick to do (roughly 15 - 20 minutes) and should only require materials that you're likely to find around you.

People take part in the challenges as individuals, with their friends and families, or within community or workplace settings. People take part to connect with others, boost their wellbeing and have fun.

The challenges are presented in a 'Do, Think, Share' format. People are invited to 'do' something creative, 'think' about their process, or what it's made them reflect on, and 'share' in a way that is meaningful to them.

The Weekly Challenge (10)

Previous weekly challenges to try

August 2023

Rest, rest, rest.

"For us, as well as allowing a deep moment of rest from the treadmill of work and life; it’s about the opportunity to be present in other areas, including different parts of our creativity."

July 2023

Santa In Summer

“I am Olivia, 9 years old, from Worthing, West Sussex. I love to create things, it makes me feel good. At school we learn how to create things out of recycling material. During one winter weekend I thought of making this jiggling Santa when my glue jar emptied. Art is not just painting and drawing but it is a creative gift."

Choreograph Your Cuppa

“Hi, I am Lerato, Head of Partnership Programmes for 64 Million Artists. Outside of work my favourite way to get creative is anything that involves music and moving"

Tread the Trail

This week our creativity leads us down a path to explore new ground. Thank you Vee for inspiring this challenge!

Drawing Breath

We’re taking a breath (or two) with this challenge from Balham Library!

June 2023

I care...

This week, 5th - 11th June is Carers Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.


It’s the second week of our Carers UK Takeover! 
We’ve partnered with leading national charity for carers - Carers UK to bring you four fun and accessible creative challenges, designed by their members - we’ll share one every Monday throughout June.

Flowers Grow

It’s the third week of our Carers UK Takeover! 
This week is about growth.

The Power of Music

It’s the final week of our Carers UK Takeover! 
This week is about exploring the power of music.

May 2023

Another Dimension

"I love this challenge because it's a fantastic way to get a window into the highly specific things that can make each human being go weak at the knees, for whatever reason. It's a celebration of the power of tiny things to ignite our minds and souls.” - William Warrener, Head of Academic Programmes at 64 Million Artists

Festival of Dreams

“This challenge is great because it allows us to take the things we love and go wild with them in our imagination!” - Aksa Saghir, Programmes Administrator

Penpal Postcard

“For this week's creative challenge, I would like you to give yourself a gift from the future (or is it the past?!). With the amount of energy we devote to juggling our everyday lists of responsibilities, plus the time we spend worrying about whether we're getting closer to our goals and ambitions, we could all do with a penpal helping us to stay grounded and cheering us on. But what if that penpal was...you?”

The Adventures Of...

“This week's challenge is inspired by my cat, Luna, who decided to go off an adventure for 3 weeks before magically returning to us. I imagined him having a fun adventure like the movie 'Baby's Day Out' and decided to create a short story around it.”

Let's Make an Impact

"This week we’re celebrating the launch of our Impact Report of The January Challenge 2023, and we’re inviting you to explore your own impact!"

April 2023

12 Minutes

"I'm so excited to share the 12-minute method with you today because it has changed everything for me. Doing it every week for the last six and a half years has helped me grow into a confident writer, creator and sharer of my work... which isn't how I was in 2016 when I started using it." - Robbie Swale

A Story Worth Telling

“It is important to preserve intergenerational stories.  
The rich history of someone's life must be preserved in some way, whether it is a poem, a short story or simply filming them (with their consent). We all have a story worth telling.
- Rianna Patterson

Poetry Picnic

This weeks challenge is inspired by Consett Academy Arts ‘Poetry Picnic’. Their Arts Ambassadors have been creating recipe books, which includes their own photographs, illustrations, poetry, recipes and family anecdotes around the theme of food, family and community.

What Are They Thinking?

This week we’re taking a moment to put ourselves in the shoes of things around us with this challenge from Emma Rucastle!
Emma is a freelance theatre and creative professional based in Lancaster. She works on productions and creative projects in various settings: writing, directing, facilitating and performing.

March 2023


“Hello I'm Zara, Team Administrator at 64 Million Artists. Today, I have curated a contemplative challenge for our wonderful community to try. This is my last one so I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Take care.” - Zara Veerapen-Padayachy


We’re back with Zara Veerapan-Padayachy, 64 Million Artists Team Administrator!
Throughout this month, The Weekly Challenge is brought to us from the newest member of our team Zara - “This week, I have curated a reflective challenge for our wonderful community to try!”


“Today, I have curated a fun thinking challenge for our wonderful community to try. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!” - Zara Veerapan-Padayachy.


"Hello I'm Zara, Team Administrator at 64 Million Artists. Today, I have curated a playful (but gentle) movement challenge for our wonderful community to try. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!" - Zara Veerapan-Padayachy