The January Challenge blog series – Cieran

In The January Challenge blog series – we meet people who have submitted challenges, and hear why they are looking forward to getting creative in January. 

The January challenge is 31 days of creative challenges for each day of the month. All of the challenges are set by YOU! You can submit your ideas, and sign up here

Creativity and Me, by Cieran

Hi, I am Cieran. I am aged 14 with Tourettes Syndrome and mental health conditions. I am a Fortnite PC gamer and I have a passion for creating Fortnite montages with music backgrounds. Fortnite is my favourite game.

Creating montages and clips make me feel good. It inspires me to continue gaming and not to let my conditions get in the way of achieving what I enjoy in my life. Listening to music also relaxes me and makes me feel good inside. When I feel good I gain more confidence, and as I grow with my gaming and creating epic montages I hope I inspire others about what is possible to do themselves and feel great!

The January Challenge 

64 Million Artists are doing a 31 day challenge in January for creative people like you! You can submit your ideas and sign up here.

I am excited to do The January Challenge and I have chosen to take part in Jess Thom’s (AKA the Touretteshero) challenge. Sign up and help inspire others and to explore your creativity.

I have also submitted a challenge idea to Jess. My challenge is inspired by my favourite Fortnite song called GTA by Rarin. I want to challenge people to make a montage video, or to make up their own dance style to the music, or to their favourite music.

What creative ideas can you come up with? See you in January!

You can find me on Twitter here @Zenoxx20