The January Challenge

Each year, thousands of people take part in our 31 days of free creative challenges. #TheJanuaryChallenge takes place across in homes, hospitals, prisons, care homes, schools, libraries (and more!) across the country.

For each of the 31 days in January, 64 Million Artists release a short, fun, creative challenge – and invite anybody and everybody to have a go. At 64 Million Artists we believe that everyone is creative, and that creativity can have a positive impact on our lives and the world around us. The January Challenge is a chance to activate and celebrate that creativity – to ‘do, think and share’ your way into the new year, and see what happens along the way.

2020 was the 6th time we’ve run The January Challenge, and this year over 30,000 people took part and over 98% of people said it had a positive impact on their wellbeing. Challenges took place in homes, hospitals, offices, care homes, schools and libraries, and engaged people from 5 years old to 85 years old. 

Click below to find our 2020 impact report!


What is a creative challenge?


Pretend you’re the world’s greatest songwriter. What’s the opening line of your next hit song? Can you take a photograph of something small, to make it look big? Bring the outside in! Step outside, look around you, and find something to inspire you – turn a twig, a leaf, or some litter into your next creation. 

A creative challenge is a playful prompt to inspire accessible creative action. Challenges are varied and explore all sorts of creative forms from dancing to writing and building to exploring. A challenge should take you no longer than 5 or 10 minutes, and shouldn’t require any materials that you aren’t likely to have around you.

All of the challenges are crowdsourced from individuals, organisations and communities around the country, and often act as a chance for those communities to celebrate their creativity and share their work or ideas. The challenges invite participants to ‘do’ the challenge, ‘think’ about how it made them feel, and ‘share’ their thoughts or ideas. 

Some people do 1 challenge, others do 31 challenges. Some people share their work online, some offline, and some choose not to share at all. Some people spend 30 seconds doing a challenge, some people think about how they would approach the challenge, and some people simply love to watch what other people get up to. 

All of the people that take part are doing it right!



Workplaces, libraries and schools


To help larger workplaces and schools roll out the challenge across the whole organisation, we offer optional extras.

Whether you’re an employer looking to activate the creativity and wellbeing of your workforce, or an employee with a passion for colleague engagement, this could be just what you’re looking for. Check out our handy info packs below or, for more details, drop Jemima a line at

If you are a school or library looking to purchase a pack, you can do so quickly by clicking here. You can also find this link via the info backs below. 


I found that the challenges affect my thinking in a positive way and I am more inclined to improvise, experiment and bring fun into whatever tasks I am involved in. Whether I'm problem-solving, planning what to make for tea, choosing clothes, or whatever else I'm dealing with, I seem to have more creative energy when I'm doing this challenge..."
Participant in The January Challenge 2020