Add your voice to The January Challenge Podcast!

Tell us about your experiences of this year’s January Challenge, and be a part of the final episode of The January Challenge podcast.

Our host Michaela Tranfield has also chatted to 64 Million Artists CEO Jo Hunter, and our three collaborators Lemn Sissay, Yomi Adegoke and Jess Thom. You can catch up on those episodes here, here and here, or wherever you get your podcasts! 

How do I take part?

Record a voice-note or video answering this question:

Tell us something you’ve learnt about yourself, or something you’ve enjoyed about The January Challenge.

Send it to us by Wednesday 27th January in one of three ways!

1. Upload your file to Dropbox by clicking here

2. Whatsapp your voice-note to 64 Million Artists. The number to send it to is 020 3882 4709. 

3. Email your voice-note to 64 Million Artists at [email protected].  

Send us your voice-note by Wednesday 27th January. 

Include your name and where you are from so that we can include you in the show notes!