A poem in a bottle


Day 20: A poem in a bottle

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Pavani Konda

I am midlands based but the community I'm connecting with is online and from all over the U.K.

I'm a content creator, a writer and generally a storyteller that also loves to talk about Asian dramas.

I'm now trying to connect people who also loved Asian dramas in a more creative space, so they can meet other people with the same interests but also get something back from sharing their love of tv shows from halfway across the world.

In some of my loneliest moments, my favourite pieces of storytelling have brought me comfort.

I smiled when they did and I cried when they did, I went on adventures with them while sat between four walls and I love writing poems thinking about those things, I know I'm not alone in feeling this way so I want other people to realise how to channel their feelings into a creative practise.

So many think poetry isn't for them but poetry can be anything, as long as you can feel something from it. It's an expression of passion and your favourite shows are sometimes a great source of inspiration and accessible starting point.




Think about your favourite TV show or story (in a book, film or a story you've been told).

How did it move you, how did it make you feel?


Whether you cried or laughed or went on a grand adventure, in some way you were transported and so many of us sometimes wish we could bottle up that feeling.


Well, let's try to do just that!


Grab a piece of paper, or hit record on your phone.


Write a love letter to your favourite show.


To get started, think about a favourite character or an important element in the storyline.


For example, in many asian dramas shoes are important, they foreshadow so much about characters and that's to do with the cultural significance of shoes in asian cultures, particularly giving them as a gift.


So, zoom out and apply your culture, heritage and inspirations to your writing!


Try to identify the most intense feeling and zone in on that.


Your writing could be paragraphs long or simply three lines.

If it can make you feel the way you did while watching a show, then you have bottled-up that feeling with your words.



How might your poem read differently if you wrote it from the perspective of one of the characters?



You can hop onto social media and tag your friends!

Tell them if they've been tagged, they should also write little poems of their favourite shows and share them.

In fact, ask your friends if they know exactly which show you're talking about from just the poem?

It's a great way to get some exciting conversations going.

You can also keep the poem to yourself and add it to your scrapbook or your wall art.



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