From my window


Day 2: From my window

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Drwy’r ffenest


It stems from the need to take a breath in a busy day. Sally and I often find ourselves staring out the window trying to work out what we to do, planning daily life, or search for inspiration. We felt this challenge combined the need to pause and creativity.


We are Create Caerphilly Skills and Wellbeing working with local community groups, charities and running events for people to connect and create together. We offer a range of different arts and crafts for all ages, abilities and needs. We hope to share our passion for the arts and demonstrate the impact creativity and can have on our wellbeing. All our sessions aim to be accessible, affordable and most importantly fun as we believe that art is for everyone.


Facebook and Instagram: @createcaerphilly




Find a window, perhaps it’s at home, on a train, at work, or a shop window. Take a moment to look through it. Write a list of words to record your experience - perhaps you write down what you can see or hear, how you might describe the weather, temperature or light. Use your list to inspire a sentence, short poem or sketch to capture this moment.



Life is busy and we are always on the go. Sometimes taking a moment to ground ourselves in the moment can create a pause to breathe and connect with our surroundings. We look out of windows all the time in the car, at home, at work but does looking more closely change our perspective?


Upload a photo of your view, and your sentence or poem. It will be a interesting snap shot to capture from different parts of the country. #TheJanuaryChallenge

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