Santa in Summer

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Santa in summer

This week we’re handing over to Olivia in Worthing!

“I am 9 years old and live in Worthing, West Sussex. In my free time I love to create artistic things. I love arts and craft, painting, drawing and more recently writing stories and playing on my new keyboard.

I love to create things, it makes me feel good. At school we learn how to create things out of recycling material. During one winter weekend I thought of making this jiggling Santa when my glue jar emptied (pictured below). Art is not just painting and drawing but it is a creative gift. I would like other people to have a go, because it is easy to do, you can use any materials and colours, you can make a Santa, or a bear. It has a jingling bell inside that makes me happy when I shake the jar.

I would like the participants to feel happy, so when they are sad - to give the jar a shake to make them happy. They can also put sprinkles, fairy lights or things that they treasure inside and have fun enjoying the memories. It is summer now and it is a good moment to make a 3D seaside image, using a box, sea shells, and coloured paper.”

Create a seasonal 3D scene!

Choose a season: Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter.

Using recycled materials create a scene or character you might find in that season. Your scene or character could be based on a memory, or something you’d like to do in the future.

Rummage through the recycling bin, or repurpose any materials you have around you to create your scene.

Here is what Olivia used to create her jiggling Santa: An empty jar, foam, coloured pen for the eyes and the nose, coloured ribbon from chocolate boxes, old cushion stuffing for the fur, beard, moustache, pipe cleaner or string to hold the bell in place attached to the lid.


What alternative materials might you use to transform your scene or character into a different season?

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