Jemima Frankel

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Jemima Frankel

Head of The January Challenge

What’s your role at 64 Million Artists and what do you love most about it?

I am the Head of The January Challenge! The January Challenge is 31 days of quick, fun and accessible creative challenges designed to kickstart each new year. Challenges take place in homes, schools, care-homes, libraries, hospitals, prisons (and more!), and the rest of the year is spent working with amazing people across the UK to design the challenges and get as many people involved as possible. My favourite thing about my job is getting to work with so many different people and exploring what creativity means to them. 



What is your favourite way to get creative?

Cooking! I love to create meals I’ve never tried before, and often challenge myself to use only ingredients I have already. And, cooking is made even better with fun music and good friends…



How has creativity made positive changes in your life or in the lives of those around you?

The January Challenge invites people to ‘Do, Think and Share’ everyday for a whole month. Sometimes, these small acts of creativity inspire laughter, reflection, sharing and trying something new. And sometimes that inspires bigger conversations, solutions and new possibilities…