A Blessing

Creativity is... a blessing.

"This week’s creative prompt is from Liliane, from Brazil, and Vicky, from Hong Kong. Both have spent the past few weeks with the 64 Million Artists team as part of a secondment—part of their Clore Leadership Fellowship. Their time with us is almost over, and this week, we’re celebrating their creativity!

“I am Liliane Rebelo. I am a curator and director of Culture at an organization in São Paulo, Brazil. I am currently undertaking a Clore Fellowship and will be based in London for a couple of weeks. I enjoy creativity in many forms and shapes, and I love being invited or engaged with creative projects.”

“I am Vicky Fung — an artist, songwriter, producer and curator — from Hong Kong. I am also on the Clore Fellowship. I love creating music and my work needs my creativity and so I love my work. But I also like to get creative in my daily life where I try to intentionally engage in new experiences or choices which could make things more interesting."


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What would you like to wish for - for someone else or yourself?

Create something to capture that wish — a drawing, poem, video, or any form you choose. In some cultures, these are known as 'blessings'.

A ritual is a set of actions performed in a regular way. How could you turn this blessing into a ritual? Maybe you could do a tea ceremony, or throw a little party — which you could do for yourself or together with anyone you might like to send the blessing to.

Vicky - “In Chinese culture, we give out blessings to each other during Chinese New Year. Making time for blessings is so rare, and dedicating time to think of a good feeling to wish for someone is something we should do more often. The ritual idea is for the blessing to be created in a moment of mindfulness, concentration and focus and to become a celebration that can be shared with others.”


Think about the intention behind the blessing and the impact of the blessing on the people whom you would like to bless. These people could be your friends, families, co-workers or other people who you might be interacting with in your daily lives, but it might also be someone whom you find challenging or do not have regular contact with, or even a stranger.

How will you explore create a blessing ritual to express them and share them with others?


If your ritual involves writing, drawing, or artwork, snap a picture and share it on social media. Tag the people you want to bless, or simply send it via WhatsApp or email.

If the ritual is in the form of an action, consider recording it on video or documenting it creatively. Share it on social media or communication apps.

We encourage you to display the blessing in a visible spot, like a window or car, especially for yourself. Keep it in sight as a daily reminder.

If you share on social media include hashtags #CreativityIs #64MillionArtists

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