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Creativity is... A Playlist.



This July, our creative prompts are curated by the esteemed members of our Board at 64 Million Artists.

On May 7th, Tina Ajuonuma, Sam Clarke, Carol Tavernier, Clare Nzvere, and Kirstin Shirling joined us in London to discuss our recent activities. Following the spirit of 64 Million Artists, we kicked off the day with a creative prompt, and our Board Members also contributed their own.

Our board members hail from diverse regions across the UK, each advocating for the transformative power of creativity within their respective industries.

We are thrilled to share these inspiring prompts with you now.



Think of a task you need to do this week.

Maybe it’s part of your regular routine, or something new that you are building up towards. Now think of a song that will make that task a bit more enjoyable, and think of another song and another! Create a playlist you can listen to whilst doing that task. They might be songs by your favorite artist, or you could have a go at writing on your own music or making your own beat.

If you can’t think of a task, for inspiration you could think up a playlist to dance to, to dream to or cook to!


How will you curate your playlist? What order will you put the songs in and why?

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