Act It Out


Day 8: Act It Out

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Simon Batchelor

Hi I'm Simon, Artistic Director of The Drama Geezers, an arts education company championing more drama in the classroom, at home and in the workplace.


We immerse children and adults in playful story worlds, turning rooms into safe spaces where everyone can play, explore and create together.


We are passionate about challenging the stereotypes about male involvement in play and creativity and believe that there is immense strength in men embracing their playful side.


As adults we can lose the sense of play we had growing up. It's time to find it again. Every day we do the same tasks over and over again, can we rethink how we do them and inject some play into them?


I would like people to spend ten minutes losing themselves in play. Drama and storytelling are good for our wellbeing and can lead to connection and laughter with others.


Whether it's pretending to be an angry chef cooking dinner or moving around the house like a secret agent, have fun and let go.



Act out something you do everyday but in character.


Brush your teeth as a secret agent, pretend to be a strange monster with your family or make dinner as a witch brewing a potion.



Did pretending to be a character bring out your playful side?


Did you create magical moments with another person?


Could you write a story based on this new character?



Take a picture of yourself as your character doing your everyday task.


Draw the character and write the story of who they are.


Video yourself in character and send it to a friend.




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