Choreographing Your Cuppa

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choreographing your cuppa

“Hi, I am Lerato, Head of Partnership Programmes for 64 Million Artists. Outside of work my favourite way to get creative is anything that involves music and moving; whether it's making up cup of tea dances while I wait for the kettle to boil, making playlists, trying to teach myself to DJ, 'dance walking' down the street with my headphones, using lampposts as dance partners, or thinking through problems while I move and listen to music.”

Make up a dance to do while you wait for the kettle to boil and while you make your drink. 

Choose a piece of music and get creative, thinking about how you can turn each step of making a hot drink (or anything!) into a dance.Think about what your body might need. Will you dance be stretchy or do you need an energy boost and need to jump around to get the endorphins flowing?
Foxtrot to the fridge to get the milk, waltz while you wait for the kettle to boil, shimmy while you stir in the sugar.
You could write or draw the steps so other people can learn your dance. Allow yourself to be silly and playful.
Watch Lerato in action below for a little inspiration! 
“I love this challenge because I know how important physical activity is for wellbeing but I struggle to move enough each day.
This activity allows me to pepper movement throughout my day without having to always make time for 'exercise'.
I love to think of direct ways to do a familiar activity. Is there a different way to walk to the fridge? I find it helps me think about challenges differently when I return to my desk.”


Take a moment to reflect on the dance you created.
What sort of moves did you choose, is your body telling you something about what it needs. What  music did you select?
What other moments of your day could you turn into a dance?

Share your response to this creative prompt with friends and family and invite them to join in.

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