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Programme begins: 20th May

Creative Courage is a new programme from 64 Million Artists that is designed to give you:

  • the space to reflect on what is next for you
  • the courage to do it
  • the community to support you

Doors will close on Monday 29th April or when all places have been booked (places are limited).

From the organisation that’s supported UK citizens to unleash their creative spark for over a decade.

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15 minute Creative Courage webinar playback

Jo Hunter and Lerato Stanley-Dunn take you through everything there is to know about Creative Courage and what you'll get from the programme.

What is Creative Courage?

Creative Courage is a new programme from 64 Million Artists designed to give you the space to reflect on what is next for you, the courage to do it, and the community to support you.

In challenging times, finding the energy and time for yourself to make change can be difficult. Whether it’s implementing new habits, finding a new job, putting an idea into the world, starting a family, moving on from old relationships, change is hard at the best of times. But when the world feels heavy and time is squeezed, this can feel even harder.

At 64 Million Artists we believe that accessing our creativity can help give us the energy for the change we want to make in our lives, and in the world around us.

This 6 month programme will give you time and structure to nurture your creativity, make time for self-reflection, connect with others, and develop a structured approach to exploring new possibilities and making commitments to yourself.

Whatever the change is you want to see in your life; whether you’re a parent or carer, a team leader or manager, a graduate, someone retiring, a dreamer or just someone looking to rekindle a spark in yourself; this programme is designed to help you understand the change you want, and implement it with curiosity, care and courage.

What you'll get

Deep-dive workshops

Six online workshops 9.30 am - 12.30 pm which will be a mixture of self reflection, breakout discussions, creative exercises and some prompts for further thinking

Weekly Courage Prompts

Each week you will receive a courage prompt to do alone or with others to kickstart your creative thinking and courageous moments throughout the life of the course.

Creative Courage groups

You will be allocated a peer learning and support group that will meet at least four times during programme. These sessions will be structured to fuel your discussion.

Creative journey

During the programme you will design your own creative journey to run throughout the month of August. This can look however you want, and will be designed to support you with your unique challenges.

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Key Dates

All workshops will take place between 9.30am and 12.30pm (UK time). Although you'll get much more by being at the sessions, playbacks will be available.

Information webinar and applications open

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Applications close

Monday 29th April 2024

Workshop one

Monday 20th May 2024

Workshop two

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Workshop three

Weds 19th June 2024

Workshop four

Weds 17th July 2024

Workshop five

Weds 18th Sept 2024

Workshop six

Weds 16th October 2024


Testimonials from previous workshops that have been curated and delivered by our facilitators:

You are both brilliant communicators, leaders and facilitators. Everything felt well-planned and in the right order; nothing was superfluous. You created a "safe space" where we could be honest about our experiences and vulnerabilities.

Both facilitators were brilliant. They created such a positive atmosphere in the course, and I think that, as a cohort, everyone really supported each other, but that was really because they set the tone so well. It is obvious to me that there is a positive culture of work at 64 Million Artists, which spills out in how they run the sessions.

I was sceptical at first, but by the end of the first session, I could already feel how different it was.

Their approach to facilitation was exemplary. I learned a lot from the style and substance of their sessions.

Excellent training, really appreciated the different voices, different approaches, and caring manner.


General ticket


  • Can be claimed as a business expense or employee personal development
  • Can be paid over three months via Klarna
  • Doors close on the 29th April (or when all spaces have been booked)
Includes VAT

Payment plan available at checkout via Klarna

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Meet your faciliators

Jo HunterJo Hunter

Creative coach and work culture thought leader

Meet Jo, the unstoppable force behind 64 Million Artists, a visionary who turned her life around by rediscovering the power of creativity.

Once a perfectionist haunted by the fear of failure, Jo's journey to self-discovery took a pivotal turn during a necessary sabbatical from work when she found herself drowning in the demands of adulthood, chasing speed and perfection.

During this time, Jo embraced failure creatively, which catalysed a life-changing shift, freeing her from daily anxiety and enabling her to live boldly. While not claiming to be perfectionism-free today, Jo now thrives on taking risks, collaborating with diverse individuals, and radiating happiness.

This creative metamorphosis propelled Jo into the role of Founder and CEO of 64 Million Artists in 2014. Leading the charge, she now revels in steering a growing team, finding joy in strategic thinking and empowering her colleagues to dream big.

As the architect of leadership programs across the UK, Jo witnesses firsthand the transformative power of different environments in helping people discover themselves and embrace new perspectives.

Get ready to embark on a creative journey with Jo – where risks are embraced, challenges are conquered, and joy is rediscovered.

Lerato Stanley-DunnLerato Stanley-Dunn

Head of Partnership Programmes

Lerato is our brilliant orchestrator of partnerships and the curator of curious conversations at 64 Million Artists. She strongly believes in the power of creativity to support people to thrive, especially when dealing with challenging situations.

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning 25 years in the creative, community, and education sectors, Lerato is a maestro at bringing people together to spark positive change.

Having worked across Universities, local authorities, health, social care and the arts and cultural sector, she is an expert in finding common ground between language, people and organisations, breaking down silos to form communities of collaborators.

With a facilitation style that's an artful blend of intuition, embodied practice, (and a knack for asking the right questions!), Lerato creates spaces that allow people to feel at ease to settle into their most authentic selves and navigate the 'messy middle' of life with joy.

Our faciliators have been featured in:

Get ready to embark on a journey of creative courage with Jo and Lerato – where risks are embraced, challenges are conquered, and joy is rediscovered.


Creative Courage is for people looking to make a change in their lives or the world around them. 

You might be:

  • A leader who wants to develop new ideas
  • A new parent thinking about how to return to work sustainably
  • A person who has just been made redundant or retired
  • Someone looking to change jobs or do some more training
  • Someone feeling lost who just wants some time to reconnect with themselves and others
  • Someone who is facing health challenges or other conditions
  • Someone who wants to reconnect with their creativity 
  • Someone who wants to start a new venture or project

Anyone who wants space, time, inspiration and courage to make a change is eligible for this course. 

Yes, we shall provide you with a framework and resources and support you in organising into groups.

We are committed to supporting everyone to participate as fully as possible, so we will work with you to determine how best to adapt the programme to your needs. This includes providing British Sign Language Interpretation and Live Captioning.

Yes. If you purchase a place on our programme before 27th March at 11:59 pm and use the code COURAGE24 at the checkout, you'll get a ticket for £270 (instead of £300).

We have up to five bursary places for £50 and are offering these places on trust. It will not be means-tested, so please only consider asking for a bursary if the price is a real barrier to your attendance.

Bursary places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can't purchase a place on our bursary, those spots have been booked for this programme

Please note, ALL bursary places for this programme have now been taken.

We do have a Klarna option available at the checkout.

If you can’t make all the live dates, that's okay. You will get the most out of the programme if you come to all the sessions, but we will send materials if you if you can't make a session.

We know how busy life is for everyone, and this programme is about carving out space for you in an accessible and manageable way.

The commitment is six online workshops (three hours each) and up to six peer-led workshops (one hour each).

All workshops will run 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Days 1 and 2 - Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st May 

Day 3 - Weds 19th June

Day 4 - Weds 17th July  

Day 5 - Weds 18th Sept

Day 6 - Weds 16th October

You can join the programme from anywhere in the world, but please do check the timezone converter to see if you'll be able to join the sessions live.

The workshop sessions take place between 9.30am - 12.30pm (UK time)

Great to hear!

The early-bird cost for the programme is £270 (£225 + VAT) - use the code COURAGE2024

After the 27th March, the price will be £300 (inc. VAT)

You can book a place here today.

Got a different question? Drop us a line at [email protected], and we'll help you determine if this programme is for you.