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Creativity is...The Dish of the Day 

A cartoon image of a person sat at a table surrounded by yummy food!!

This April, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents a line up of creative prompts from resident artists of their studios that engage with the local community through their work.

“The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the art world by dismantling barriers to art education and enrichment. Through the opening of our five sites in London, we operate extensive exhibition and education programs that benefit local communities and schools. Additionally, we offer the public opportunities to engage with contemporary art through exhibitions, workshops, screenings, poetry evenings, performances, talks, and various cultural events. For more information about our initiatives, to support us, and to see the dates for upcoming shows, follow us on social media or visit our website.”

This week it’s over to Jaye Ink!


“Hello! I’m Jaye, a Libyan/American multi-disciplinary artist with a focus in illustration and design. My favourite thing to paint is food!

Food is an important and wonderful necessity in everyday life. Food can remind us of a holiday we’ve been on, a memory we enjoyed, or most importantly: someone we love. For thousands of years, humans from all over the world have been testing out and combining different ingredients to make new and tasty meals. Did you know pizza was invented for a queen? Our favourite foods are something very meaningful and special to us. 

For my creative prompt, I ask you to create your favourite dish. Don’t worry! There is no cooking involved, just creativity.”


To listen to the creative prompt below, please use the Userway Accessibility plugin in the left-hand corner of the screen. If you need any further assistance, please contact [email protected]

Dish of the Day!

A picture of a burger made from cardboard pieces! It reads "My outcome. I used cardboard, washi tape and tipex to create my favourite food: a burger!

Think of your favourite dish, then slowly deconstruct it in your mind.

Using whatever materials you are most comfortable with, recreate those individual ingredients.

Download a PDF detailling Jaye's prompt with visual examples here!


Why is this dish special to you? 

How will you layer the ingredients you have created?

What is the name of your dish? 

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