Day 3: Dots

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Frimley NHS (Frimley Health Charity)

We are collaborating with occupational therapists at Frimley Health NHS foundation trust to deliver creative activities that encourages use of hands, dexterity, vision, control. The sessions are for Stroke patients in our care. A rewarding exercise that helps assessment, stimulates your mind and aids communication. Doing Dots at the same time with both hands, adds an extra dimension and widens knowledge of the learning that people have with effected limbs from a stroke.


Our vision is to enrich our patient, visitor and staff environment and creative activities. Working alongside clinical departments and local communities to enhance our spaces with inspiring visual design and creativity throughout Frimley Health hospitals.



Create a simple ‘Pointillist’ image, taking no more than 10 minutes.


Use a circular stamp, your fingers, the end of a pencil, a brush or any other round object.


Dip into paint, ink, or any other material available to you, and make your dots on a page.


Create a pattern or recreate an image of your choice.


Try to use both hands to create the image.


You could even try making 2 - one with your left hand and one with your right hand.



Did you enjoy using the Pointillist technique?


Can you tell the difference between marks you made with your dominant and non-dominant hands?



Within the hospital setting, these paintings can be arranged in a large display.


For others taking the challenge, share your creations with another person and see if they can guess which one was created with your dominant hand.


Which do they prefer and why?#TheJanuaryChallenge


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