Dress up day


Day 22: Dress up day

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Diwrnod gwisgo i fyny

Laura Tan

Hello, I’m Laura. I live in St Ives, Cornwall, famous for white sandy beaches, the Tate, Barbara Hepworth Museum and our many art galleries. Oh, in 2022 we were voted as the Happiest place to live.

We get very crowded with tourists in the summer but have a strong sense of community. We take pride in maintaining our beautiful town for both visitors and residents. My challenge is about encouraging the people who live here to see St Ives as a place where EVERYBODY can be creative. You don’t have to be a famous artist or make art that sells.


I loved Mr Benn on children’s TV. Every week he visited a costume shop, dressed up and found himself on a magical adventure, far from his ordinary life. What we wear can change the way we move, how we think and how we feel about ourselves. It's just one way to express our creativity. It needn’t be a whole outfit. It could be a hat, a pair of spectacles, shiny coloured shoes peeping out from under your trousers. I’d love you to join me. Who knows, like Mr Benn you might find yourself at the start of a magical adventure?



Dress today as if you were going to a party. It might be a beautiful tie, or scarf, or you might put flowers in your hair. Or pull on your favourite coloured jumper or glittery shoes. Whatever combo makes you smile, go for it. In other words, don’t save the best until last. This world needs people who are feeling passionate, in what they wear and what they do. This is a chance to wear your 'heart on your sleeve'. Look no further. Wear your favourite outfit to go the your local shop, your party clothes to work, your wedding outfit to the pub, your brightest handkerchief tucked into a pocket, your favourite tie and your bestest shoes. Dress today as if you were going to a party and see how the party comes to you. And don't forget stay at home Pyjama Parties. PJs are allowed too! Maybe you can get your friends to join you, and throw a spontaneous dress up party. If for any reason, you can't do it today, plan another day, to wear your favourite clothes or item of clothing.



How does wearing the clothes you love make you feel? Did anybody else notice, and how did that feel? What would it feel like to wear something you love, each and every day?



Let's have a virtual party. Send this prompt to a friend. The more the merrier and we'd love you to post a photo of yourself, or your item on our online platform......



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