Fandoms as a force for change

Creativity is... Fandom

This week’s 64 Million Artists Programme Administrator, Aksa Saghir, invites us to dive deeper into our fandoms. Alongside the creative prompt, sign up to join us this Wednesday at 6pm for a creative conversation to celebrate how fandoms can become formidable forces for change. Register here. 

Aksa has spent her whole life being a fan and regularly chats about the latest thing she has watched, read or done. She considers herself a fan before anything else. She is a regular at Comic Cons and enjoys cosplaying although does not consider herself very good at it! In her normal life, she is passionate about equality and politics having spent the first half of her career in the Civil Service.


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Fandom - An interpretive community consisting of dedicated followers of any cultural phenomenon.

With that in mind, what are your first memories of fandom?

Was it a food, a band, a tv show, a book.

Celebrate the influence of this fandom on you, in any way you like. You could dress up as your favourite character for the day, or draw or write a scene about your chosen fandom.


How has this fandom influenced you? Did it shift your perspective or inspire a change?

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