Ffion Pritchard

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Ffion Pritchard

Ffion Pritchard

My name is Ffion Pritchard - I'm an artist, filmmaker and facilitator from North Wales!

I am interested in how art can benefit society, be it through community-engaged art, art in healthcare or through the cathartic power of storytelling, humour and entertainment.

I believe that a creative outlet can make a massive difference in each of our lives, through building community, confidence, improving mood and concentration and developing new skills!

I'm very excited to be working as a Creativity Champion with 64 million artists, and am looking forward to working with my local community throughout January and beyond. The January Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to create spontaneous work and unlock some creativity at the start of the year!

I hope to use my role and the creative prompt to create new, informal opportunities for people to get together and create.

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