Fill up your cup

Creativity is...a cup!


An image of tea pouring into a white mug

This week's creative prompt is designed by the team at 64 Million Artists (and is totally inspired by the fact that we love a good cuppa and a chat...)


Whatever your cup holds, we hope this prompt, well, prompts you to fill it up with the good stuff.


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Draw a cup. It could be the shape of the cup that holds your favourite drink.

A tea cup, a travel mug, a cocktail glass....

Think about what you might need to 'fill your cup' for the week ahead. These things might be actions, behaviours, affirmations, reminders anything goes. What's the recipe for a drink that makes you who you are, and keeps you nourished?

Fill the cup you've drawn with these thoughts, you could write or doodle them.


Who might you be sharing your cup with?

What else might be being poured into it?

How might these things effect how full your cup is?

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