If you have a chronic health condition or disabilities, here’s a free invite from Emma Major

The January Challenge is coming! Have you signed up yet…?

“Hi, I’m Emma. I’m a blind wheelchair user, joyful participant of The January Challenge for many years and now happy to call myself an artist and poet.”
Emma is working with 64 Million Artists to create a virtual group for people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, who are taking part in The January Challenge. 

“I don’t know about you, but I always dreaded January; the dark and cold didn’t tempt me into the new year with much positivity.  Being at home most of the time with chronic ill health and disability meant I felt pretty lonely in January and would become quite low.  But that all changed when I discovered The January Challenge by 64 Million Artists. Every day there’s a new challenge, something fun and creative to do, (and before you ask; no, you don’t need to have any artistic skills!)  Every challenge is possible for everyone no matter your ability, energy or experience…nothing is ever impossible. Now, January is full of colour and creativity and I’m inviting you to join in the fun.  Let’s get creative together this January. If, like me, you live with health challenges or disabilities (did I mention that I’m a blind wheelchair user with long covid?) then you’re invited to join me in a January Challenge virtual group to get creative together.  This will be a place to explore the challenges together, encourage each other and have fun with NO pressure. I want to make sure we are as accessible as possible so we will use a combination of a Facebook group, WhatsApp chat, Zoom rooms and possibly even our own ‘Padlet’ space to share our creations.Together we can make January a positive, hopeful, creative month, kicking off 2023 in style. Will you join me?”

Would you like to join Emma’s group?

And, if you know somebody who might like to join the group, send them a link to this page and spread the word! Once we have an idea of numbers, we’ll be in touch with more information and to ask you about how you would like to participate. 

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