Creativity is... Kindness!


This June, the creative prompts are brought to you by Month of Community

“The Month of Community is a time to come together to celebrate everything that makes our communities great. Thirteen organisations work in partnership to help shine a light on all of the amazing things happening in our communities and encourage connection with each other and the places where we live. Millions of people take part throughout June to say cheers to volunteers, connect with their neighbours, welcome refugees, support carers, raise awareness of loneliness, or make a positive difference where they live. Choose how you’d like to join in, or do a few, it’s up to you. Here’s a video to explain more!


Find out how you can get involved at

This week’s Month of Community partners are Small Charity Week, 24th - 28th June and Care Home Open Week, 24th – 30th June.

“Kindness has a ripple effect - communities fuelled by kindness are more connected, making them better able to tackle life’s challenges together and support each other.”



Using whatever you have available, create a ‘gift of kindness’. It could be a crafted token of appreciation, a picture, a poem, a planted seed or cutting.

Draw or create something that helps you say thank you to someone, and spread a little kindness.


Think about who you’d like to share your creation with and why. Is it someone who volunteers their time to help others, someone who has been there for you when you needed them, or someone who is always cheerful. You could decide to pay kindness forward and pass on to a stranger instead.

Maybe it’s a gift of kindness to yourself.

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